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Backyard Landscaping Days 4-7: Encircling Flagstone Path, Etc.

Posted Apr 26 2013 1:14pm

After a second week of work by the landscaping company, progress has been made.  Much of it involved sprinklers and is hard to see, though I am very happy about the improved system.  The hugely expanded flagstone path lends itself to pictures more easily.  Here you can see the small section on the west side of our home that we put in three years ago.  The 'Elfin' creeping thyme groundcover has filled in, and the surrounding plantings are starting to show color.  A few dahlias are waiting in their pots to be planted.  You can see the new path past the gate.

Here is the view when standing right at the gate.  It's very bare but the path is pretty. 

And here is the view looking towards the east while standing at the northwest corner of the path.  Soon this view will include a large 'Black Lace' elderberry (Sambucus) on the left, a 'Shasta' doublefile viburnum in the corner, plus a bunch of 'Little Lime' hydrangeas and many smaller plants.  On the right you can see one of the five basalt boulders that were installed on Wednesday.  It looks lonely while waiting for more soil and surrounding plants to settle it in.

This is the view looking south while standing at the northeast corner of the path.  You can't see it well but the path makes a complete circle of the backyard with a section heading down the east side of the house to the garage and one down the west side to the front lawn.  Several of the neighborhood kids have come over to enjoy making endless loops around the path with my kids in tow.  Apparently it's fun to walk in circles if you're skipping from stone to stone. 

This is the path going down the east side of the house.  This area will be the true blue, lavender-mauve and lime color scheme garden.  Lots of big shrubs coming and lots of perennials, too.  The fence will be replaced next week, blocking the view out to the street.

Here is the view from my room's upper floor window of the northwest corner of the yard.  You can see why I'm excited for all the trees to grow and block the view of the other homes.

This shot shows the north center of the backyard.  Our less-than-attractive aluminum patio cover blocks the view of the south part of the path circle.  I cropped it out of the photo.  In a few years I hope to crop it out of my life and replace it with a classic looking white pergola.

Here is the view of the northeast corner of the yard.  The plywood is covering large holes where the new swing set will be installed.  It took longer than expected to ship and won't arrive until the middle of next week.  At that point the landscapers will return to install it, lay out the rest of the drip system, install the metal edging to contain the lawn, and reinstall the section of fence and tree they moved to create access.  Meanwhile we are hauling dirt and planting shrubs like crazy.  More pictures are coming soon!
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