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Are cat droppings a danger in the vegetable garden?

Posted Jan 07 2009 2:45pm

Are cat droppings a danger in the vegetable garden?

The vegetable plants will not suffer if a cat  uses the garden as a toilet- in fact they will benefit from the added nutrients.  But there is a danger to the gardener who may touch the cat droppings - so always wash  hands after gardening, and wash the root vegetables well.  The brassicas should rise above the problem!

Cat droppings sometimes carry toxoplasmosis, which is dangerous to expectant mothers, young children & those people with a suppressed immune system.

It is possible to pick up toxoplasmosis in different ways:

  • faeces of the infected cat may be accidentally swallowed if caught up in leafy vegetables
  • the faeces may be touched whilst handling the soil when gardening, rubbed onto the gardener’s hands and then ingested
  • tools may become contaminated when working in the soil & then touched

Never use cat droppings as fertilizer.

Toxoplasmosis is especially dangerous for pregnant women, because it is associated with birth defects and miscarriage.

Cat droppings are a danger in the vegetable garden, so it is worth taking measures to keep cats off vegetable plots.

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