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5 advantages of leafless peas

Posted May 05 2009 4:22pm

Semi-leafless peas have 5 advantages over the normal pea:
* easy picking - pods are easy to see as there are few leaves obstructing the view

* stand up - masses of intertwining tendrils  act as a  self-support system, improving standing,  so sticks not needed

* high yields

* water use efficiency is  higher.

* ladybirds are much more efficient when they hunted aphids infesting leafless pea plants, rather than the normal variety.
Pea leaves are slippery - whereas stems and tendrils provide a more secure footing. So ladybirds fall off the normal variety nearly twice as often as the leafless plants.

Leafless peas have a recessive gene  which produces a modification of the common pea plant (Latin name -  Pisum sativum L.) leaf morphology, where leaflets are replaced by tendrils, reducing the foliage.  The tendrils  contribute to plant growth in a similar way to flat leaf

Semi leafless peas have at least 5 advantages over the common garden pea.

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