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4 steps to prune tayberries

Posted Jul 09 2009 4:02pm 1 Comment

Tayberries are easy to prune by folowing these 4 steps in late summer.

1. prune tayberry canes as soon as they have finished fruiting

2. cut the canes that carried the ripe tayberries back to ground level

3. tie the new  stems, which have grown this year & have not produced any berries, in place to replace the old canes. 
4. remove the weaker stems, only keep the strongest new canes.  They need plenty of space and light to grow well.  If they are too crowded, disease will easily take over.
It is not difficult to prune tayberries in these 4 steps, and it is worth doing it just after the fruit harvest so that the new stems have a chance to develop into strong canes for bearing fruit next year.
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my new tayberry has just grown two enormous branches about 4-5 metres long each and no other shoots. do I just leave these and tie them up or cut them back this winter, I have cut out the fruiting small stems. thanks
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