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Modesto, California
My name is Gabby and I am a researcher, activist, advocate and mother of 2 ASD boys... join me in the search for recovery from AUTISM!!!
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60 Things that Can Go Terribly Wrong with Hepatitis B Vaccination The...

The hepatitis B vaccine is linked to infant death, multiple sclerosis and autoimmune disorders The hepatitis B vaccine has been approved for all U.S. infants at birth, but is it...

New Study: Hepatitis B Vaccine Triples the Risk of Autism in Infant Boys "The science is largely complete. Ten epidemiological studies...

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capricorn 45 wrote on Gabriela D.'s Whiteboard. Jul 14 2010
capricorn 45 wrote on Gabriela D.'s Whiteboard. Jul 14 2010
Gabriela D.'s Whiteboard
Jul 14 2010 by capricorn 45

I highly reommend the vimeo video 'The Korns" about their son's recovery from autism:!/video/video.php?v=450727151074

Jul 14 2010 by capricorn 45

Thank you for your excellent articles Gabriela! As far as I am concerned, Vaccination is an organised criminal enterprise disguised as disease prevention.

I have started to post the links to your articles on my 'Vaccination Information Network' on Facebook (7200 fans); I hope that's ok.



Dec 01 2008 by Zurama ..
Hi Gabby!!! It's so nice to run into you here. Hope your boys are doing well and that your thanksgiving was wonderfull!!

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