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Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom
Follow my journey as I get used to wearing a cochlear implant and the sounds that I hear for the first time since being implanted in May 2009. I am profoundly deaf since birth and have worn conventional types of body worn aids up to digital hearing aids from 6mths old up to May 2009. My blog... Full Bio
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Much needed holiday

I am posting this in instalments as there's so much to report during this holiday, have fun reading our journey and exploits I had the good...


It's now March and it'll be 4 years since I had my CI implant in May. When I returned from America in September last year, I only returned to...


Since I was still in recovery from my leg injury, I'd completely forgotten the 3rd anniversary of my cochlear implant back in May. I was...

A totally different NHS experience

Goodness me, I've crocked my leg in March. I have been playing badminton for a couple of years and unfortunately that evening, I managed to...

Happy 2012

I seriously think that the older you get, time flies faster... don't you think? Happy New year to you all. I do hope that the UK economy...

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