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I'm a clinical psychologist and obesity researcher. I have the joy of both treating patients in a hospital-based weight loss program as well as conducting a program of research on the psychology of weight, appetite, and overall health. I am a natural skeptic and make it my mission to debunk... Full Bio
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How to Use Social Media to Help You Lose Weight

Some of the most effective weight loss tools are ones you never would have thought… harness the power of a social network and you’ll be...

Moving Around Worcester

So it looks like the warm summer is behind us and we’re moving into the cool fall weather. To me, this means two things. 1) I’ve got to get...

From 450 lbs to Ironman: Stories of Real Life Biggest Losers

I have to admit that I get sucked into The Biggest Loser TV show most seasons.  I find it fascinating to observe the transformation people...

In the News…

In The News… 1. Report From Hunger Free and Healthy 2. New BLOG posts from Sherry Report From Hunger Free and...

Breaking through my excuses for a better future

After reading the first post on , I decided that I needed to set a healthy goal for myself. I did something that I...

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