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The new Wellsphere

BARK N' BLOG - September 16, 2008
“At any rate it's all good bepaws instead of having to scour a whole bunch of blogs and sites on health for people AND pets, you can find it all in one nice online community with LOTS of professionals to help you on Wellsphere, – a Health Blogger Network, WOOF!”

Teeth, smiles, and dentures – oh, my.

Got Teeth? A Survivor's Guide - September 16, 2008
“...people can finally get firsthand accounts of what it's like to deal with serious medical issues, hear from doctors the inside scoop on handling difficult diagnoses, and get personal advice from healthy living experts – all in one place.” dentures-oh-my.html

Wellsphere - The next generation in online health

Total Wellbeing Blog - September 16, 2008
“The new has now been released to the world! The next generation of online health by making health knowledge personal, Wellsphere is revolutionizing the way people find health information, answers and support, and improving the lives of millions of people around the world.”


PERSEVERE - September 16, 2008
“I just want to make you aware that a great new medical community called WellSphere is here to give all sorts of medical's compiled of Doctors, Experts, and Bloggers that write about, educate, and give advice on more than 40 medical conditions. They just launched a new groundbreaking site.”

exciting new website launch...

Living life breathlessly - September 9, 2008
“Starting today, instead of having to search multiple websites and finding generic medical information over and over again, people can finally get firsthand accounts of what it's like to deal with serious medical issues, hear from doctors the inside scoop on handling difficult diagnoses, and get personal advice from healthy living experts – all in one place.” website-launch.html

I was honored

Spa Gal - September 9, 2008
“You have to go to Wellsphere to check out their new and way improved site. It's a great place to get some good advice about health. It also has goal setting and a lot of way's to keep you motivated to reach your goals.”

Icons, Logos & Logotype Design Finals

The World According To LEAP - September 9, 2008
“The third one is a abstract/pictorial mark logo for, a healthy living website.” logos-logotype-design-finals.html

The Importance Of Having Quality Time For Yourself - September 10, 2008
“You can also find online communities and support network like Wellsphere which offer help from experts around the globe.”
http://healthy-lifestyle.most-effective- for-yourself/


Serene's Epilepsy Legacy - September 12, 2008
“The latest. A unique and most updated kind of health website ever to be launched in our generation now.
Highly recommended health website for everyone to visit. If you are looking for information regarding any health issues under the sky visit and you will be amazed at how easy and quickly you can find your answers and support from health experts and doctors including health bloggers whose blogs contain extensive information regarding health issues and also provide inspiration and motivation.”

Back from absence;

Access Ability - July 10, 2008
“Wellsphere is a fast growing, next-generation online platform that is revolutionizing the way people find and share health and healthy living information and services.” announcing.html

A great website

A Well Lived Life - September 8, 2008
“The site is full of helpful information, resources, videos & articles about pretty much any health-related topic. Hope you find it helpful!”

Improve Your Health with the New

Jacqueline L. Jones - September 9, 2008
“The new features WellPages powered by a cutting edge proprietary Health Knowledge EngineTM that delivers answers to specific health questions from readers. These answers come from articles written by a carefully-selected group of 1,200 health writers and experts who are dedicated to helping others improve their lives. This eliminates the need for readers to visit multiple websites that provide only generic information.” wellspherecom.htm

Announcing the NEW

Psych Patient, MD - September 8, 2008
“Wellsphere is the most comprehensive health information website that I have found on the Internet to date. Both body and mind are well represented and served. Most health information sites pay lip service at best to mental health issues, but not Wellsphere. Not just one, but several sections are devoted to mental health resources. Both professionals and patients alike get to have their say.
The search function is absolutely awesome; it was designed by Geoffrey Rutledge, a medical doctor with a PhD in computer science. You won't have any problems finding what you want or need on Wellsphere. Register for a free account and personalize your experience on the website.” wellspherecom.html

Check out the new Wellsphere!

The Disordered Times - September 9, 2008
“The site is run by medical professionals and invites everyone to discuss their experiences with a wide array of health issues. You will also find a wealth of information on just about any health topic you might think of.”

The New Wellsphere - the Next Generation Health site

Happy Family Matters - September 9, 2008
“Now, instead of visiting numerous sites when searching for an answer about health, Wellsphere is a one-stop shop site where you can easily find articles pertaining to your health concerns. Their writers came from Stanford, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Yale and other top Medical Institutions.
Please do not get me wrong, I am not being paid to promote their site or even trying to sell you something through a hidden affiliate link.
With that, I am cordially inviting you to check out their site - Wellsphere and be among who gain a lot from them.” wellsphere-next-generation-health.html

Wellsphere Re-Released. Check it out!

Despite Lupus - September 8, 2008
“Wellsphere, a new health website that had recently launched? They've revamped a bit and just launched their new, improved site - and I think you'll love it. Check it out here or at when you have the chance.” released-check-it-out.html


ABERRATION NATION - September 8, 2008
“I'd like to personally introduce you to the new Wellsphere. I encourage you to read the introductory information below and check it out.” wellspherecom.html

Wellsphere – Health knowledge made personal

SOFTRATTY - September 10, 2008
“The site as a whole is pleasing to the eye, well-organized and obviously put together by a crack team of proofreaders and editors with an admirable grasp of the English language. Nothing amateur night at the opera here. And the site design is a model for the industry – much brighter and more navigable than that of MedHelp, I'd say. And the community pages are richer in terms features than those of Patients Like Me.”

Wellsphere Makes Searching For Health Info Easy...

Whole Food and More - September 9, 2008
“Are you like me and get overwhelmed with all the health information online? Wouldn't it be great to find reliably health resources on one site? Well, there's a new kid on the block called Wellsphere. It's not a single focus health site, not just media based reporting and not a run of the mill site.
Wellsphere offers a comprehensive perspective on millions of health topics by drawing from hundreds of thousands of articles written by Wellsphere's network of 1,200 rigorously selected health writers and experts who dedicate their writing to helping others improve their lives.” -makes-searching-for-health.html