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I'm a clinical social worker in private practice on Long Island.  Married, two adult kids, one excessively happy pit bull.  I started out as an alcoholism counselor, which means I know a lot about addictions.  I trained as a Gestaltist, which means I pay lots of attention... Full Bio
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Anxiety is a symptom of emotional constipation -- an inability to identify and express... more
Dec 06 2013 12:40pm
Hi, Paulette.  The short answer is yes, your daughter should be seen by a professional,... more
Jul 29 2011 3:59am
Hi, Me.  Well, you probably hold stuff in for the same reason the rest of us do --... more
May 31 2011 2:34pm
The "every month" in your post jumped out at me.  If you were my client, before I went... more
May 29 2011 3:18am
Hey Nathan.  Sorry you're suffering.  Sorting through all these problems will probably... more
May 29 2011 3:02am