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Life without an eatting disorder. Team Members: 3 Team Goals: Dance, Eat healthy, Listen to relaxing music, Meditate, Take stress breaks
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Freedom. Life WITH an eatting disorder.

Posted by Contenance


       This is me Contenance speaking from the outside. I have made a recognition. That is: the battle of us all is between ourselves. I am stepping outside of myself to say "I have nothing to prove to anyone but myself, but I hope you'll catch a glance of me when I'm proving it to myself." I'm quoting my own words by the way. I have nothing to prove to you, but I will offer out my hand to you in saying  "Come away with me, I know your pain and I can see you are hurting". 

       Hey YOU, the one that is lost and you dont understand what it is to be free from the confinment that you want so badly to be free from. There is freedom within you,   You are alive, you are free to be alive. Start there. Begin with life. You have a life, because you are alive, and you can breathe and feel. Begin here.

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Simply realise that no matter our situation there are many freedoms that we have at this very moment and that we enjoy eveyday. My recognition is that even while in an eatting disorder we can still experience much freedom and begin the transition process by making simple changes. For example: We are free to be alive. So make sure that you will stay alive. Take vitamins. Start doing the things that you are free to do that you truly want to do. What are your freedoms?
I love this post! Thank you for reminding me of my strength!

You're Welcome =)




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