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Hi! I am Ashley. I blog over at Freckles & Spice. I started blogging after losing 45 pounds and making big changes towards leading a healthy life. I want my blog to be a source of motivation for myself and others to always be striving towards a happy, active life.
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Cocoa Mulch and Fullfilment

I thought it was ironic that when I moved to NYC was when I slowly began discovering my love for nature. But it's in the blood. Both sides of...

I Have Arrived.

Hi, my name is Ashley. I have not been to this space for some time. Not because I had lost my passion for the writing, or the sense of...

Why I Work in “Customer Service”

  When asked what I do, I always answer I work in the business of specialty coffee and people. Very rarely do I think of my job as customer...

Still kicking

Self-assessment and rebuilding takes a lot of time. Especially when you have a limited amount of time you can devote to it. I’ve been aware of...

Back Care and Posture: My Favorite Yoga Poses To Open, Strengthen, and Release

I think I’ve started to regain my inspiration and passion for my life. I briefly lost myself and suffered a rough couple of weeks, but I still...

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