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Self-described geek-to-human translator Francine Hardaway bought her first Apple product in the... Full Bio
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Big Data, Obamacare, and Us

The explosion of data journalism has meant we’re hearing about more polls than ever. So this morning we learned that in a new Washington Post...

You Can’t Get Away From Salt

Doctors are beginning to find that poor nutrition is linked to a variety of diseases high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and even...

Disrupting Home Health: A Critical Opportunity

How Obamacare Should Have Rolled Out

Our government knows how to pay for things. But it doesn’t often know how to do them correctly. That’s why three young San Francisco coders...

Hospitals Noticeable Upgrading Health IT Systems

I’ve been asked by my doctor to get him a film of an imaging study done in the ER. To get it, I have to pick it up in person or wait for it to...

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