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Win A Bottle Of EstroBlock & A Wellness Travel Pack!

Great news! Roam Products has very generously donated two bottles of EstroBlock and two Wellness Travel Packs to gift to two High on Health and...

What Helped Me To Deal With The Loss Of A Pet

New years 2014 was a challenging one for me – my 10 month old puppy was hit by a car on new years eve and was under intensive observation at the...

How To Do A Beautiful & Simple Ritual To Bring In More Of Any Positive Emotion

This is a really beautiful and easy ritual to do to bring in more of any positive emotion that you wish. It basically involves “charging water”...

When Was The Last Time You Gave To Yourself?

When was the last time you did something for yourself? Actually gave yourself some kind of a lovely experience or a gift? Many of us are really...

How To Heal From Acne Naturally: For Adult Women – Free eBook Release

My latest book has just been released! How To Heal From Acne Naturally: For Adult Women, is a guide for all women over the age of 17 to...
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