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The intake amount of β-carotene

Posted Mar 22 2013 7:03am

In many methods to eat, most suggested to put the carrot as filling to make which consists of dumplings. There are mainly three Buy Diablo 3 Gold reasons: first. The β-carotene carrots contain wealthy and the carrots are only demolished in the oil to be consumed by the body program. Green beans are blended with beef as filling. Animal fats will improve the intake amount of β-carotene.


If make veggie filling, it is best to first cut carrots and then mix to fry in the pan, β-carotene will be demolished out, and then moved into the filling. Secondly, after cut up carrots, nourishment is simpler to be consumed. Finally, due to carrots having a kind of special taste, some individuals do not like. The carrots are combined in the filling. The taste of the beef and egg can effectively "cover up" this carrot taste, nourishment and taste can have both.
Because carotene is a kind of fat-soluble substance, it only can be well consumed in oil.


Therefore, when eat carrots, you had better prepare them with oil, or cook them with the beef simultaneously to make sure that the substances are consumed by the body program.Eating fried carrots also can promote the body's intake of β-carotene. In fall, the weather is dry, destroy carrots, and apples, and then fry them together, it is sharp and relaxing, and also can feed the epidermis.If the carrot is stewed together with the other substances, such as beef and mutton, also a good option. But might as well first prepare the whole root of MapleStory Gold carrot, and then cut, again put into the pot to stew for a few moments with the beef.

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