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La Liga - Real Madrid 4-0 win over Zaragoza 3 minutes 2 goals C Ronaldo column

Posted Nov 04 2012 10:40am

La Liga - Real Madrid 4-0 win over Zaragoza 3 minutes 2 goals C Luo column

November 4, La Liga in the 2012-13 season League the 10th round of a battle, Real Madrid Sits Bernabeu stadium 2-0 win over Zaragoza . 23 and 25 minutes the Higuain and Dimaliya, the construction of a power. The end of the first C Ronaldo Nearly a goal, but his kick beams denied. 89 and 92 minutes, Essien and Modric Another respective broke. Game focus

C Ronaldo did not goals, but Higuain, Mary, Michael Essien and Modric's goal is to help Real Madrid Jersey 2-0 victory, Galacticos from Barcelona   There is still a gap of eight points. Also worth noting is that the game is Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, 100 wins in all competitions. In the Primera Liga, which is the the Madman 67th coach wins.

Data Analysis

Real Madrid







Attempts off target






Corner kick



Possession rate



Number of passes









Red card



Yellow card



Number of goalkeeper fighting


Full match, Real Madrid, a total of 20 times from the center, of which 11 hit the door frame range, in exchange for four goals. 13 times from the center of Zaragoza, only 3 Shots on goals. Real Madrid won five corner Zaragoza 4. The two sides have four times offside, but also each get two yellow cards. The possession rate, Real Madrid, Zaragoza 51% compared to 49%.


Real Madrid discharged today 4231 formation, this is like barcelona jersey,Higuain lone striker Dimaliya and C Ronaldo both wings to fly Ozil Attacking midfielder, Michael Essien and Modric midfielder. Back online, Albiol And Pepe Partner defender Arbeloa   And Ramos Either side, goalkeeper or Casillas football jerseys.

14 minutes, Dimaliya cross from the right, C Ronaldo closed shakes Leipzig slightly wide of the right post. The first 18 minutes, C Ronaldo again won a header from the center of opportunity, but unfortunately over the bar. After two minutes, Postiga Restricted to the right for a great opportunity, but his shot saved by Casillas. 23 minutes, Modric pass in the corner on the right side, Albiol's header by Roberto saved, hit Higuain close blank range, Real Madrid leading 1-0 Zaragoza.The first 25 minutes, C Ronaldo Road Tupofenqiu, Dimaliya right side of the cross-section shot by Roberto saved, then he again shot hit the upper left corner, Real Madrid 2-0 to expand the lead.

The first 84 minutes, C Ronaldo direct free kick Shitailichen the Roberto rushed after the ball hit the crossbar on the pop-up. 89 minutesBenzemaRoad break with a cross, Michael Essien into the restricted area shot hit, the score became 3:0.92 minutes, Modric cross from the right, C Ronaldo Gongmen was denied, Kalie Hong the restricted area fell to the ground shovel pass Modric shot hit the final Real Madrid 4-0 Zaragoza manchester united jersey 2013.

After the game sound

Real Madrid Coach Jose Mourinho: "Today, our whole team was very good, the goal of the first half is very important, we have to seize the opportunity to field situation is a balance of power, so 0 is unfair, perhaps 3 1 appropriate. Lieutenant Dortmund next week expand key battles, we will not miss any unusual race victory. 100 wins? your statistical results must be wrong. estimated only 50 wins, you non-said 100 wins. "

Media comment

Spain"Aspen": "Most of the time, Zaragoza was good, but the two time periods, they opened a small difference. Higuain and Dimaliya, three minutes scored twice, Essien and Modric again in the final three minutes each to build a power a balance of power game, the result is that Real Madrid 4-0. "

Spanish "Marca": "Higuain and Dimaliya, goals to break the balance of power, after Real Madrid gait steady C Lo the end of the first shot in the column, the original 2 0 results will be maintained to an end, but Michael Essien and Mo Aldridge was staged climax in the final three minutes. 4 0, Real Madrid's soccer jerseys cheap enough satisfaction. "

Sides Lineup:

Real Madrid (4-2-3-1):

Goalkeepers: Iker Casillas

Defenders: 4, Ramos, on the 18th Albiol, No. 3, Pepe, 17, Arbeloa (82 minutes, Nacho , No. 27 )

Lower back: the 15th Essien, 19 Modric

Midfielders: No. 22 Dimaliya (73 minutes, 21 Kalie Hong), the 10th Ozil, No. 7, C Ronaldo

Forwards: 20 Higuain (69 minutes, 9 Benzema)

Zaragoza (4-2-3-1):

Goalkeepers: 1 Roberto

Defenders: 19 Sapp Naru, the 16th, Lovins, 4 Alvaro , 21, Abraham

Midfielder: 2 Merwe Elijah, the 10th Awa Mourinho

Midfielders: No. 32 Victor (75 minutes, 23 Alamo), 15 Jose Mali (87 minutes, 12 Roman Rick) Montanes, 11

Forwards: 9 Postiga (79 minutes, on the 7th Arlanda )





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