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"Bad Luck Comes in Threes?"- Revisited

Nearly two years ago I blogged about some struggles I was going through. I talked about what was making me sad at the time as it relates to my...


The last number of weeks have been busy. Let me try and brief you on what's going on Last month, I was successful in securing a part time, work...

Prescription for Disaster!

Let's face it-the main topic of conversation for my blog is a topic that isn't necessarily the happiest of topics to discuss. In spite of some of...

And today I accomplished...

...nothing. Nadda. Ziltch. Today was one of those days that were doomed from the get go. I woke up today at the time I would normally wake up...


So first, let me get this out of the way. When you have a chronic illness/are immunosuppressed (lupus/kidney transplant, for example), it is...

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Sep 08 2009 by tina
Hi My name is Tina i was so happy to read about you cause i am going through exactly the same situation as u. having to deal with lupus, dialysis, and the the fistula lump which is ment to be a life line but makes u miserable always. pls i will be glad if u write me. my email is  hope to hear from you soon


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