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Hi there, I'm sorry to hear about your allergy, I can imagine how frustrating that... more
Jul 29 2011 1:34am
Hi,  So sorry to hear about what happened. I would definitely make appointments to... more
Jul 29 2011 1:29am
I would follow the recommendations on that particular jar. My guess is 2 to 3 weeks if... more
Jul 29 2011 1:22am
Lisa, Here are several foods that are high calorie and safe for individuals with... more
Jul 29 2011 1:20am
Hi, I would base that decision on the amount of carbs that are contained in the... more
Jul 29 2011 1:12am
Mindi,  It sounds as though you may possibly have a strained muscle or even a... more
Jul 29 2011 1:07am
Ray, Great job for following the RICE recommendations. I recommend to keep taking... more
Jul 29 2011 1:05am
Hi Hilda, Here is the link to the LiveStrong Daily Plate that lets you calculate... more
Jul 29 2011 1:01am
Hi there, I'm sorry to hear about your knee. In the case of major injuries, such as... more
Jul 28 2011 8:44pm
Hi there, To help you with your question can you tell me where the pain is located... more
Jul 28 2011 8:42pm