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Master Procrastinator by Cat T. It is pretty apparent to anyone who follows me on Goodreads, or reads my blog, that I have a pretty big... Read on »
WOW by Rachel M. Patient Expert Our workout of the week is JACKIE!!! And I have to tell you she is not very... Read on »
Free Printable Valentines for Kids by comebackmomma No need to spend money for Valentine‚Äôs Day cards. I created this cute valentine printable for... Read on »


Annie South Lebanon, Ohio
mdarnell Sacramento, California
Sondra .. San Diego, California
Breast Cancer Yoga California 33461

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Jill Knapp posted Fast Loss Smoothie Oct 04 2014
mdarnell updated their goal to Avoid soda. Oct 01 2014
mdarnell updated their goal to Take vitamins & minerals. Oct 01 2014

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