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Jan 22 2013 10:37am
Thanks for sharing this. It will definitely help those person who want to loose their... more
Jan 29 2014 12:12am
I think there is some issue with you back. You can do two things cosult with the doctor... more
Jan 29 2014 12:10am
The best way to get rid of baby fat is a three point approach. First, you need to watch... more
Jul 24 2012 8:57pm
I think you should consult with the doctor. more
Jan 29 2014 12:11am
YouTube workouts are great, safe and effective! more
Jul 06 2011 6:07pm
Carol makes extremely great points. True and lasting weight loss does not come... more
Jul 24 2012 9:01pm
As long as you don't have any pre-existing conditions; you should be able to go to the... more
Nov 30 2011 4:32am
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