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Sweat it out at the scenic mountains of Whistler Stressed, tired and overweight? Join a month of live-in fitness camp under the supervision of a pr ...
Jan 22 2013 10:36am
It is very great work. Overweight is the most common and dangerous in our society. This... more
Jan 11 2014 7:07pm
Introducing my self!! Hi everyone:   I just joined the site and look forward to giving (and getting!!!) motivation ...
Sep 15 2010 3:24pm
Hello, This is Cat Smiley. I am personal fitness trainer & coach ffrom... more
Jan 22 2013 10:30am
Stop by my Fitness Blog Hi all,  I am new to the community. Would love to have you stop by my health and fitness blog a ...
Jun 11 2010 11:27am
I cannot connect to the website that you shared. I would to visit your site and maybe... more
Oct 17 2012 11:21pm
Kettle Bell Workouts Saw this on Regis and Kelly and it looked like a great way to combine toning and heart pumping exerc ...
May 05 2010 4:18pm
Hi! Kettlebells are a fantastic workout! Timothy Ferris addresses kettlebells and this... more
Feb 01 2011 4:28pm
Moms, what do you do when you need a time out? This question has been posed to me so many times, I created a hub to describe how meditation can r ...
May 14 2009 11:23am
I go upstairs to a quiet room and lay on the floor with my eyes closed and I just do... more
Feb 09 2010 3:56pm
A regular exercise routine is vital. Making time for a regular exercise activity in your daily life is vital. No matter how small the e ...
May 07 2009 4:41pm
How to Lose Weight By consumption frequently does not mean eating the lot in a hysterical way. Your influence loss di ...
Apr 26 2009 9:59pm
Wii Fit My family and I just love the Wii Fit. We try to do the activities together to bond and to keep in ...
Dec 03 2008 2:43pm
Free Fitness Blog A Daily Blog to help you achieve all of your health and fitness goals.
Sep 04 2008 2:25am
Don't miss the 2nd Annual Philly Sports... 2 ndAnnual Philadelphia Sports Extravaganza and Wellness Expo                                      ...
Sep 04 2008 2:24am