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You have to Start somewhere

Posted Jan 02 2013 4:06pm

Hey!  Remember when I ran that fall 2012 marathon?  Yeah, me neither.  It was the Richmond Marathon on November 10th, 7.5 weeks ago.

Anthem Richmond Marathon 2012

(And yes a recap is in the works)  Since that day running has been few and far between.

Long story short, I came back from Richmond and immediately threw myself into moving my family back home.  We had been living like nomads for almost 6 months as our apartment was being renovated   We finally were able to move back.  Well, almost.  There were lots of last touches to be done and as I worked very hard to make an organized and clean home for my family, I also was managing contractors, plumbers, wood workers, painters, movers, etc … It took 2 weeks of that to knock me out.  By November 26th I had the flu, strep throat and an ear infection.  One week after that I had pneumonia.  And thats all she wrote.  December is a blur, I have never been so exhausted and weak in all my life.

Somewhere in there Christmas happened

Oh Santa ... you were not the biggest hit, but there were no tears so net net - success.

Oh Santa … you were not the biggest hit, but there were no tears so net net – success.

Christmas Morning 2012

And as we do every year we went with the family to the Bahamas for the week between Christmas and New Years.  Maybe it was the rest, maybe it was the sunshine but finally in my last days on Paradise Island I began to feel like myself.  Thank God.

So here we are.  In 2013.  And I could not be more thrilled.  I have big plans this year.  Plans for health … plans to gain back strength and become a marathon runner again.  Plans to start a new.

Today I took my first running steps of 2013.  6.5 Miles in Central Park.  It was hard, really really hard.  In fact after the first 2.5 miles I stopped and contemplated quitting.  Its not that I wasn’t enjoying myself, its just that it felt different.  I could feel the fitness I had lost, I remembered how easy that 6.5 mile loop was just a few months ago and I got angry at the difficulty I was having now.

But the thing is, you have to start somewhere.  There are ebbs and flows to life and fitness.  If we were in tip top shape all the time, then what would we be working toward?  The trick is to kick that negativity away and find the joy in the journey.  Florence has a point …

It's hard to dance with a devil on your back / So shake him off

It’s hard to dance with a devil on your back / So shake him off


And that is what I did.  I shook off the angry thoughts and I kept chugging along.  It was still hard, and it still felt different but when I was done I felt a bigger sense of accomplishment than I had felt in months …

Bring it on 2013.  Lets start this party again, I’m excited for the journey!


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