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You’re Never Too Young to Rock a TuTu.

Posted May 01 2011 12:00am

So, as progressive as I am, as hilariously awesome I think it is that my son thinks that if he drinks enough chocolate (notice ONLY chocolate will work) milk, he too will have “milking boobies.” His words, not mine. As supportive and accepting and loving and ardently agressive for the rights of my gay family and friends, I could never keep my child’s gender a secret. Because I love love love dressing this adorable baby girl. I suppose I could have dressed my son in one, but honestly, the thought never crossed my mind. Elijah ONLY wants to wear clothes that either A: look like my hubs riot gear/uniform or B: have a firetruck/alien/digger/Buzz Lightyear on the shirt/hoodie, whatever. If one day he wakes up and wants to put on toenail polish I am all for it. On the other hand, if my little girl wants to cut her hair short and wear swimming trunks awesome. Let them be themselves. For now though, I am shoving her diapered tush into a tutu and taking pictures. I’ll need evidence for blackmail.

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