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Yoga Weight Loss Success Story: Kate Simpson

Posted May 18 2011 6:52pm
               Kate Before                                 Kate After 5 mo.

Whenever Kate came to her private session she was ready to go. She wanted to make positive changes in her body and the way she felt, and her dedication paid off.  Her weight came off without a struggle when she learned to stop dieting and start nourishing her body along with discovering the many benefits of yoga. Kate uses her success to inspire others that lifelong change should feel good along the way.  I’m so proud of how Kate has embraced a healthier lifestyle.  She is truly a great example of successful weight loss. –Sara Holliday MFT, CPT

Interview with Kate: 

1.      How old are you? 51


2.      How much weight and how many inches did you lose?  In just 5 mo. I lost over 30 lbs., went from a size 14 to a 6, and lost 5 inches from my waist my biggest trouble spot.


3.      What surprised you about achieving your goal? I was surprised that I lost weight and many inches through simple changes in my diet and through doing yoga. Originally I wasn’t interested in doing yoga with Sara because I thought the best way to lose weight was through weightlifting, cardio, and dieting. I was swayed to work with Sara after I went to her website ( and viewed before and after photos along with testimonials. She also explained that yoga gives amazing results- it strengthens, lengthens, and tones muscles.


4.      How were you guided towards your weight loss goals? Sara began with a gentle approach that combined yoga and simple nutritional suggestions. She let me know from the beginning that I would not be dieting. Instead she guided me with small changes to foods I was already eating and exercise I enjoyed doing so I would continue doing it on my own.


5.      What helped you the most? What helped immensely was getting into the habit of packing snacks. For example, I bring water, Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal, a cheese stick, a cut up apple, and a Kashi nutrition bar with me to work or on the go. Both Kashi products are low in fat and sugar while high in fiber and protein. They are crunchy and tasty which satisfies me. Sara also taught me that I don’t have to give up anything completely. I can have unhealthy treats in moderation, at the same time I don’t have to eat something I don’t want too.  When I don’t feel like having a treat, I politely say, “No, Thank You”.

6.      When did you first start seeing results? Very quickly I began to see changes in my body which inspired me to make more changes. At about the 4 month point I had met my first goal, of losing two sizes.


7.      What challenges have you had towards achieving your goal? One of the biggest challenges for me was going to a yoga class after a long hard day. However, I realized that I always felt rejuvenated after I took a class.  Also I have very bad knees and many yoga positions can be painful. I’ve learned that it’s ok if I can’t do what others can do. I listen to my body and do what I can. I also had difficulty allowing myself occasional unhealthy treats. I learned that in moderation eating unhealthy treats doesn’t harm my progress and keeps me from feeling deprived.


8.      What pleases you the most about your results? I’m enjoying my new life style and my body continues to change. I’m actually tired of buying new clothes and I’ve given away nearly every piece of clothing I had at the beginning (I know, tough problem). I go to 3-6 yoga classes per week and I really enjoy it. Plus the compliments are nice too. J



9.      What advice do you have for others wanting to lose weight? My advice to others is find exercise and healthy foods that you enjoy- it shouldn’t be a temporary fix, but a lifestyle change.  Also I highly recommend yoga! There are many styles of yoga that can fit every BODY.

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