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Yoga- Specific Yoga Postures for Low Back Pain

Posted Feb 04 2010 4:47pm

To Sara of Fit by Sara: “I read your post about yoga for low back pain.  What specific yoga postures do you recommend to relieve low back pain?”

From Sara of Fit by Sara: “There are many great postures to release tension in the low backmany of which lengthen the hamstrings and thus reduce tension on the low back.   A great foundation posturedownward dog is excellent for stretching and lengthening the muscles in the buttocks and hamstrings.  Try this simple move–In the downward dog positionbend your knees towards the ground on the inhalethan as you exhale extend your legs as straight as possible while pressing your chest and shoulders towards the floor.  Repeat 5 timesand notice the release in your hamstrings.  An example of a posture that releases low back pressure is the “cat and cow”.  On all fours inhale sway your back and look up.  As you exhale pull your belly button towards your spine and look down.  Repeat several times.  You can also do this move while taking a shower.  The added heat will losen up your back even more.  To modify the move for your showerplace your hands on your upper thighs–repeat the move as you would on the floor while allowing the water to fall on your low back.” -Sara HollidayMFTCPT

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