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Yoga Poses for Athletes…

Posted Oct 26 2010 6:17am

Yoga can be one of the most beneficial things you can do for your body. And, when the teacher is really good, you can go through an entire yoga practice without thinking about anything elsenot what to cook for dinner, not what are the kids doing, not “ouch” this or that hurts, it can be very heeling.

However, if you are training seriously for a sport, spending another 90 minutes in a yoga class can be more time demanding than I’d like. And, sometimes, yoga is too much for a serious athlete to do on their rest days. OR, in my case, I am SO ridiculously sore, that yoga would hurt/or I would cramp/ or I would sit in child’s pose the entire time rather than doing the yoga.

Even with all that said, I still believe in yoga and I believe in the benefits of it. My absolute TOP FIVE yoga poses for serious athletes include: Side Lying Twists, Supine Hamstring Stretches with a strap {also called Supine Hand to Big Toe Pose}, Legs Up the Wall Pose, Pidgeon (with lots of variations), and Happy Baby Pose.

All of these yoga poses can be found online using the Yoga Journal Pose Builder . So, if you’re a serious athlete with no time to attend a yoga class, then, these would be a good place to start.

What do you do to help recover from exercise- so that you can go hard again the next day?!

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