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Yoga- Natural Ways to Relieve Stress

Posted Sep 05 2013 12:39pm

Oh hai!  I’ve been absent a bit lately.  I know.  My life has been crazy busy.

And because my life has gotten so crazy busy, I’ve hadn’t realized the amount of crazy stress I have been dealing with.  Like tons.  LOADS OF STRESS IN HERE.

So I started looking for natural ways to relieve stress (besides running) and my sister had mentioned yoga to me.  She’s been doing it for awhile and I know it has done wonders for her.

I finally decided that I would make the time for it and dropped in on my first yoga class yesterday.


yoga horse

Now first: I’m not that flexible.  So I was worried that I’d fall over during poses.  Thankfully I did not. And the poses were slow with all levels of talent so I was not in the midst of any crazy circus performers attempting difficult moves.  Thank Goodness.  And ten minutes of quiet meditation?

Second: I still have a slight stomach muscle separation called diastis recti from carrying my big headed baby for nine months , so I was concerned about the core movements.  But as long as I kept my ab muscles pulled in- I was absolutely fine.  And I really feel like yoga will help to close that abdominal separation back up.


Third:  I left that class feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and full of peace love and pixie dust.

And taller?  I felt taller.  Weird.


I woke up this morning from a deep peaceful slumber completely stress free.  I got Sassypants out of bed, she was grumpy of course, but I was wearing a shield of peacefulness that could not be penetrated by her whines of being too tired to pee or brush her teeth.  I sent her on her way to kindergarten with a smile and a wave, stepford style.


And people, this is COMPLETELY different to how I usually handle our mornings.

Usually this is more my mood:

I will cut you.

So I don’t know why I haven’t done this or tried this before, but I’m definitely drinking the yoga kool-aid after how I feel today.


Even the stresses of my job are deflecting off my awesome force field of tranquility.  I hope it works ALL DAY.  I even forgot to drink my coffee this morning because I didn’t need it.

omg I know.  crazy.

So for now, I’m sitting in my pool of peace and with a big crazy smile while my coworkers ask if I’m okay.  I think they are worried.  Or maybe just think I’m smoking something illegal.  Who knows.

I’d say yoga gets and A plus from me as a completely FANFREAKINGTASTIC way to relieve stress.

I’m hoping to make this a weekly part of my life.  Maybe bi-weekly?

the hills are alive Have a peaceful day.

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