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Worldâ??s Oldest Leisure Activity may Hold Key to Modern Health

Posted Jun 20 2008 6:06pm

ENTER IMAGE NAME BETWEEN QUOTES - USE ENGLISH NOT FILE NAMING STRUCTURE (ARA) - Moral debates about sex will probably go on as long as humans continue to engage in the activity, but the verdict is definitely in on the physical and mental health benefits of an active - and safe—sex life. Frequent intimacy, especially in the context of a caring relationship, extends life expectancy, enhances mental health and mitigates a host of physical ailments, research shows.

Psychologists and health experts agree that a healthy intimate life is a key component of a healthy relationship for couples of all ages. Ample evidence also indicates that sex helps:

* Increase levels of infection-fighting immunoglobulins. Researchers at Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., tested saliva from more than 100 sexually active college students. Those who reported having intercourse once or twice a week had higher levels of immunoglobulins than those who were abstinent.

* Improve cardiovascular health. Men who engage in sex three or more times a week may be able to halve their risk of heart attack or stroke, according to a Queens University study.

* Lower blood pressure and relieve stress. Several studies have shown the link between sexual activity and lower blood pressure and better stress response. In fact, women, it seems, benefit from even the most basic levels of intimacy - hugs from a loving partner actually reduce a woman’s blood pressure.

* Reduce risk of prostate cancer in men and incontinence in women. Australian and American researchers have found that men who had frequent sex - five or more times weekly, or 21 times or more monthly - had lower rates of prostate cancer. For women, sex exercises the pelvic muscles associated with controlling urine flow.

* Improve weight loss by burning calories. Like any physical exercise, sex burns calories, which is the key to any successful weight loss program.

* Boost pain-relieving oxytocin and endorphins. These brain chemicals have been linked to pain relief for migraines and other common types of pain.

* Mitigate depression, poor self-esteem and other psychological issues.

“With all these health benefits associated with intimacy, is it any wonder that cultures around the world have always sought ways to speed arousal and enhance the experience?” asks Dr. Donald Isaac of Pharmazonelabs, a company that has pioneered arousal enhancers. “The most successful aphrodisiacs rely on smart use of natural biological tendencies.”

The very qualities that make sex so healthful can aid arousal and enhance mood. Viapren, Pharmazonelabs’ successful aid, uses a fast-dissolving edible film strip to deliver a euphoric stimulant that acts on brain chemicals typically related to relaxation and positive feelings. When combined with a topical formula based on ingredients used for centuries by Asian cultures, the aphrodisiac can help put men and women in the mood for some highly healthful intimate activity.

Courtesy of ARA content.


Written by Alexandra M. Haller

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