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Workout Goal: Do You Have A Plan?

Posted Mar 16 2011 12:27am

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Are you running out the door to your next workout?  I always am…and 10 minutes behind, but, when I get there, I know someone else has done the thinking for me and that they have my best interests at heart.  Now, for you–sweaty mama’s and ladies, when YOU hit the gym, do you have a goal or an intended plan when you walk in the door?  Before the days of crossfit, I’d get to the gym- not know what to do, so, I’d carry weight training books around and did whatever it said- Thank You, Strength for Life.   I’ve  followed Al Lyman’s Marathon Plan or Cyclo-Core cycling plans and workouts.  I usually did not FLY by the seat of my pants!

My number one goal right now is to get stronger.  I would seriously like to be able to lift more weight.  I’m almost forty and I know I’m not nearly at my full strength capacity as of yet.  So, what’s my point?  A specific, focused plan for any workout is highly recommended by me and by most coaches.  Hitting the gym, only to spend 20 minutes on an elliptical and one round of nautilus weights is not going to change your shape or get you stronger.  What will get you stronger is the use of a PLAN and using either barbells or dumbbells or kettle bells that will require YOUR entire core to be engaged when performing an exercise.  You can still get a kick a** cardio workout utilizing these types of weights rather than a “cardio” machine.  You can do intervals, Tabatas, sets of 3’s or 5’s.  When I am lifting really heavy, I am still breathing hard!!

Be focused on your next workout, it’s worth it.

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