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Why the LA Marathon is my FAVORITE marathon

Posted Mar 05 2014 1:42pm


IMG 2735

1. Its a PR course

The Stadium to the Sea Route is a Point to Point course with lots of great sites.



Chinatown, Downtown, Echo Park, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica OH MY. Never a dull moment on this course.  I especially enjoyed that the back half of the race was more interesting than the front half.  Mile 13 is Hollywood, followed by West Hollywood, Sunset Blvd, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, and finally Santa Monica.

The majority of the roads are very wide, making for lots of room and zero bottlenecking.  **note that there are also some narrow sections at the very beginning and also around mile 6,7** but majority is nice and wide.

Rolling course with downhill start and finish.  From mile 4-15 there are rolling hills with a few screaming downhills (one huge one just after sunset blvd) but very little big uphills.  But all in all, it stays interesting.  There is no monotony on this course.

Screen Shot 2014 03 05 at 1 29 26 PM


Well actually I lie, there is one. Miles 21 and 22 are a little dull … ok I found them pretty hard but let me tell you this .. what follows them is THE BEST part of the course. Its downhill, the cheering is fantastic and you are soooo close to the finish. Tell yourself to push through it. You can do it.

3. Mile Markers

They are huge, large balloon like arches that look more like a start or finish line than a mile marker. These are great because you can see them from far away and drive yourself toward them.



4. The last 4 miles

2 words. Net Downhill. Not only is the cheering fantastic and the sites beautiful, this section is also a gentle downhill. Not screaming so that it hurts your knees, just a nice little downgrade that makes the final miles go by a little faster

Screen Shot 2014 03 05 at 12 59 25 PM

5. Great Finish

The final stretch of the course is on Ocean Ave in Santa Monica. The beach is on your right and cheering surrounds you, but the best part is that the road is very wide. Which means there is no bottlenecking and you can just rock your smile and speedy legs to the finish line.

IMG 2734

6. Fantastic Cheering

There were very few spots that the crowd was quiet.  Especially in the back half of the race.  Hollywood, Beverly Hill and Santa Monica gets serious points for great crowd support.


7. The Weather

Its a tundra on the east coast.  Its not in LA.  Nuff Said.  

*The only thing I want to note is that the finish is colder than the start. The course finishes practically on the ocean and it can get cold. This is great because you aren’t getting too hot while you run, but when the race is over you are going to want layers. Pack some layers in your checked bag to throw on.*

Screen Shot 2014 03 05 at 1 14 21 PM

I ran the race of my life (to date) last year and PR’ed/BQ’ed.  It was my first BQ and oh my was it sweet.  I will forever love this race and send so much love and luck to all of you who are running it this year!!

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