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When Body Hair is a Drag

Posted Nov 11 2010 12:00am
News flash: I've made it to my swim class two weeks in a row. Is it safe to call it a routine?

The class works well with my already scheduled life and the swim coach is mom-centric and forgiving. In fact, she has said she only wants her swimmers (mostly women, mostly moms) to come to class once a week between now and January, because paying for more than that and attempting to come more than that might leave you feeling cornered and needing to quit altogether when the holiday push hits and you can't make it to all those classes you paid for. How sensible is that? So, she won huge points right there, assuring me that my once-a-week swim workout was enough for now.

And here's another reason why I need to start slow. Because I forgot how much work it is to be "prepared" for swim class. Thinking ahead? Not my strong suit. Now Wednesday's post-run shower must also be my pre-swim hair removal session. Good grief. It's winter. I need that hair to stay warm. And after all that personal grooming over the summer, I like to take a few months off.

Oh blabitty blah, I hear you whispering about keeping a close shave for my husband. The man has seen me birth four babies, he can handle a little leg stubble. And besides, as a triathlete, he shaves occasionally too, and his stubble is infinitely pricklier than mine.

So if I continue to make it to swim class once a week, the victory is not just in adding a swim workout to my routine, but staying bathing-suit groomed throughout the winter. I can tell you that's it's a matter of reducing drag in the water, but it's really about not embarrassing myself on the pool deck.

I'm not the only one concerned with stubble. The always hilarious Charlotte waxed on about the subject earlier this week over at The Great Fitness Experiment. Too funny to miss: Fitness 101: What To Do With Body Hair .

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