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What's your Favorite Sports Movie?

Posted by Cindy P.

Hi. Do you have a favorite sports/fitness movie that pumps you up and gets you excited about working out?

My favorite is Any Given Sunday. I don't play football, but it's just amazing to think of the work and behind the scenes stuff that goes on in Sports. Even the dark side of things.

My favorite for getting me off the couch is Dirty Dancing. Save the Last Dance is a quick second.

I'm a big fan of any dancing movie.

Well, I guess I went and named more than one.

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Don't I wish. Watching movies only makes me want to eat raisinettes and Sour Patch Kids! However, I think this is a great idea. I'm going to check back and get good ideas for motivational movies.

If you're a fan of dancing movies, you will love Stomp the Yard. I rented it expecting at the least teenage entertainment for a lonely day at home, but was pleasantly surprised by it. It is truly a well-done flick!

As for a sports movie that gets me pumped, I really don't know that I have one. However, my husband and I enjoy watching UFC fights, especially Pay-Per-View events. They get us yelling at the TV and cheering like nothing else!

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