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What is Your Eating Style?

Posted Feb 22 2013 6:12am

What is Your Eating Style - My friend, registered dietitian, Diana Young gives terrific advice about diet and nutrition. Today she asked us all to consider our eating styles and I thought it would be a great article to share here. Give it some thought. What is your eating style? Share your thoughts.

Eating styles refer to the way you habitually put together various eating behaviors. Some people use the same style all of the time while others vary the way they eat depending on the situation. Listed below are examples of eating styles:

The Never Ending Eater is always putting something into their mouth even though they never actually sit down to a meal.

The High-Caloric Cruncher likes to eat crunchy (usually salty) foods such as potato chips, nuts, french fries, and the like.

The Sugar Babies crave the sweet things in life such as candy, cake, ice cream, and so on.

The Nervous Nibbler eats in response to stress or feeling upset. They can be seen nibbling on foods at any hour of the day or night.

The Jekyll and Hide Eater doesn’t eat in the presence of others (Jekyll) but sneaks food when alone (Hide). This type of eating usually makes the Jekyll part of the person feel guilty and ashamed.

The Big Bulk Eater only feels satisfied when they have managed to eat a large quantity of bulky food such as meat and potatoes or several slices of pizza.

The Eliminator gobbles down everything in sight. For example, when they clear the table, they eat food left on plates or they finish what is left of the chocolate cake.

The Party Picker cannot resist the spread of goodies left out for all to share at a party. They tend to stand near the table so as to be able to casually help themselves to the spread.

The Tipsy Taker indulges when intoxicated. Alcohol consumption tends to decrease one’s ability to resist taking what one wants–including good tasting foods.

The Yo-Yo Eater goes on and off a diet much like a yo-yo. Consequently, the Yo-Yo Eater’s weight tends to rise and fall in the same manner.

The Night Stalker starves all day–eats all night. They feel OK about eating because they haven’t eaten all day.

The Manana Dieter overindulges today with the promise to go on a diet tomorrow. This type of eater usually overeats for the last time, many many times.

Which of these styles do you use? Which styles prevent you from reaching your weight loss goals? Which would you like to eliminate or alter?

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