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Weight Watchers 360 – Month Two

Posted May 07 2013 12:00pm

Weight Watchers 360 Unfortunately month number two did not go as well for my as month number one. This is no fault of Weight Watchers . I just sort of fell off the healthy-eating-tracking-food wagon. Sigh! I signed up to try the online only program, but I think I may need meetings to really keep me on track. I have never been to a Weight Watchers meeting so that is my goal for month number three.

It looks like attending a meeting will be a better way to get formally introduced to the entire program. Apparently the first three sessions include PowerStart sessions. I think I need a good Power Start for sure! I will stay after my first couple of meetings for these interactive sessions. I can ask questions, take part in practical exercises, exchange ideas with other Weight Watchers members and get a week’s worth of meal ideas. I’m excited to see how it goes.

I have also been browsing the Weight Watchers site for ideas on how to improve my habits at home. I love these tips for breaking up my screen time. Between my laptop and the TV, I really need to make sure I am not grabbing for unhealthy snacks too often.

ideas to minimize screen time

Another goal for this month.

I do really like the Weight Watchers tracking tools. The iPhone app is terrific. It can find the foods I am eating and covert them into points quickly and easily. The app also helps to track my activity. What I wish the app also did was slap me in the face and say, “get back with the program! You idiot!” What? It can’t be programed to do that? Darn!

So, back to basics this month with tracking. Luckily, I am also leading a Healthy Eating Challenge at to keep me on track and inspired by over 200 other participants. This is what I think I need from Weight Watchers – more person-to-person connections.

I just signed up for a few of the online community groups on the Weight Watchers site. There are groups for everything under the sun. Right now, I joyed the “Slimtastics” and the “Lose 10 by June” groups. I don’t really have a full 10 to lose, but any encouragement will help. We’ll see how this goes this month. I also joined the “Depression & Dieting” group. I know support in this area is key to my success.

I also added a mood tracking app to my phone. This will help me track when I am eating for comfort when I am stressed and tired. Hopefully I will see some trends that I can try to manage in other ways.

Ginger Lime Chicken Recipe

I am going to try this one this week.

With my Healthy Eating Challenge, I am also using the Weight Watchers recipe ideas a bit more. We make chicken all the time so I love the “Chicken Ever Way” recipe section. This week, I am trying Ginger Lime Chicken.

So, on to month three with new determination to succeed. I’ll report back in a month. Wish me luck!

Disclaimer – I was given a 3 month Weight Watchers 360 Review membership online or in person in return for my honest opinion as a members of the  FitspirationForMoms  community. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are our own.


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