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Weekly Weigh In

Posted Feb 11 2013 2:58pm


Remember last week when I was all “I”m going to work out so much next week!! And be really really healthy!!1″


Well.  That didn’t happen.

I mean, I did get a decent run in on Monday.  10 minute mile!!  But then Tuesday rolled along and with it came the sickness.



Nope.  The baby had a runny nose and cough which I wasn’t too concerned about, because, well he’s been coughing and snotty since November.  But what I had was the super-mutated  form of the baby’s cold.  It was like Outbreak in my house this past week.


By Friday I was so exhausted and miserable that I made an executive decision and did something I don’t normally do around my house.  I slept.  Alot.  And I was totally lazy.  I did nothing.  And loved it.


get out of bed

I locked myself in the bedroom and slept.  I only left my house once and that was on Sunday.


It occurred to me, after carting Chunkers home from the doctor with a diagnosis of a respiratory virus and ear infection, that we seem to be getting sick.  A lot.  One or all of us has been sick at least once a month since November.


And since I’m really really trying to get healthier, this catching every single cold ever business needs to stop.


Which means that maybe I need to stop.


I tend to fill my plate with so many activities, tasks, to-dos, and crap- that I ignore myself.  When the kids get sick, it’s all about them.  They need the snuggles and the care- and when I get sick I just move on and pretend that it’s not happening.  This time- that didn’t work.


I haven’t been sleeping much lately.  Seven hours of sleep a night is considered an awesome night for me.  But most nights it’s about 3-4 hours before I’m woken up to the cries of my 9 month old who has gone from a super star bad ass sleeper to an OMG I”M ALONE IN MY CRIB WHYY??? sleeper.  Fun times.  And now I get to climb stairs too- bonus workout!<that’s sarcasm.


So I’ve been pretty tired.  A under a little bit of stress.  Which probably means that my immune system sucks right now.  I know a lot of you understand that…. especially if you live with little germ magnets and are super busy, as well.  You’ve been there.


For me- I’m one of those people who NEEDS SLEEP.  It rejuvenates me.  My health vastly improves the more sleep I get.  So when I’m not getting it- I get sick.


And wouldn’t you know it- my weekend of sleeping in did just the trick.  I feel so much better today!

oh yeah



And ready to take on sickie number two- Sassypants- who spiked a fever at 3:00 am while the baby was screaming “OMG SOMEONE GET ME OUT OF THIS CRIB!!”


I’m pretty sure I’ll be camping out upstairs this week to avoid climbing the stairs 7677889 times a night.


And also…wearing a mask.

hazmat sick mask


So my numbers this morning:


I’m pretty sure my weight loss is due to coming down with the sickness.  I don’t recommend that as an alternative to diet and exercise.  Just putting that out there.


The theme of this week is to take care of myself.  Focus on the diet- attempt to get some workouts in, but most importantly NOT ignore my body when it’s crying for rest.




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