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Weekly Weigh In

Posted Jan 21 2013 2:07pm

Well hello there!

I was absent a bit last week.


We drove into New Mexico to surprise my father for his 60th birthday.


He had no clue we were coming.


Which is fantastic, because it is pretty difficult to put one over on him.


We crashed his birthday dinner.  He was completely shocked and totally excited to see his entire family.

happy grandad


Last time he saw this little guy was right after he was born!


A twelve hour car ride with a four year old hyped up on powdered donuts and a teething baby (who cut TWO teeth on that trip) deserves a glass of wine.

wine time

We spent the weekend laughing, drinking, catching up, and eating some amazing food prepared by my brother in law.  Who could pass the test to become Paula Deen’s apprentice.  He never met a stick of butter he didn’t like- or use in his dishes.

cheese enchiladas
^Don’t even try to calculate the nutrition value for that enchilada explosion.  But it was farking fantastic.


Sooo, obviously,  I really wasn’t focused too much on my diet.  And I’m okay with that.  I enjoy our family dinners and seeing everyone.  We all had an amazing time.


So the numbers!!


I didn’t gain!!  Portion control, my friends.

Well, except for the enchiladas.  It’s impossible to maintain proper portions when eating that amazing array of cheese and grease.

Sadly, lately this site is turning into a side of sometimes healthyish living with kids and cake and more cake…


But I will get back on track!  I promise.

I’m back on the cleaner eating plan this week.  Because I do not  have any trips planned and now (FOR REAL) my holidays are officially over.

No more excuses!!

I’m tracking my food and workouts with My Fitness Pal and my goal is to get in at least three good workouts this week.


Back to the workouts!!  And the veggies!!


I hope you have an amazing week and are at least doing much better than I am in the healthy eating/workout department.


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