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Weekly Weigh In!

Posted Jan 14 2013 2:47pm

Well, something really really crazy happened this morning. 


I stepped on my scale and I was 158.8 pounds.  



excuse me while I take care of something real quick:

dancey dance

Ok back to the numbers.

  • Waist:  30
  • Hips:  39.5

WHAT?  I haven’t been this size since 2007.  Which is a size EIGHT my friends.    EIGHT.

I’m wearing clothes I forgot I had, and some are falling off of me…like my skinny jeans that I bought before I got pregnant with Chunkers.  I was literally sporting the plumber look yesterday during my DIY adventures. 


Now my diet this week was in between 1200-1400 calories per day.  I did have a cheat meal, which was lunch out to a seafood joint on Tuesday, where I had bread, the BEST lobster bisque evar, and grilled fish with a lobster cream sauce.  I didn’t even count the calories, I’m pretty sure it was alot.  For the most part I kept my diet clean, and portion controlled.  Lots of veggies, juice, water, and whole foods.   


And my workouts……::crickets::

I know. 


I seriously have to get back on the workout train.  The problem is that I have tooooo many things going on at once right now, and I cannot for the life of me, seem to squeeze in any extra time for a workout.  But I do know that once the craziness of getting this house in order subsides, I will be back on track.


In the mean time… I did some wallpaper DIY this past weekend that was a CHORE.  It was pretty much hard manual labor that I didn’t get paid for.  And it took all weekend. 


I pulled down that crappy wallpaper .  In TWO bathrooms.  ALL BY MYSELF. 


It was totally awesome. 


No really.  I find it oddly therapeutic.  I really enjoyed it more than I should have.



crappy wallpaper

That was such a lovely site to see each morning.  Reminded me of an afternoon tea party with little old English ladies. 



wallpaper DIY

Just waiting for a fresh coat of spackle and paint. Ahh.

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