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Weekly Weigh In.

Posted Dec 17 2012 2:38pm

So it’s Monday. 

Last week I weighed in at:

164.2 pounds

This morning I was at:

164.8 pounds.

I’m a little shocked by this.  Mainly because I had four Christmas parties last week, and well, I eat my emotions.  Which is the point of this blog. 


And then Friday happened


I pulled myself together and went to watch my beautiful daughter sing happy songs at her Christmas recital.  It was impossible NOT to cry, but I could hide that by telling her that they were tears of joy. 

I had my sister (my best friend) and another fantastic friend come over that night and I drank my weight in wine.  Not only do I eat my emotions, but I have a tendency to drink them, as well.  Old habits can die hard sometimes.  And it’s not a braggy hahaha look at me drinking wine type of comment.  But more of a I just felt the need to numb myself a bit type of comment.  Which I paid for dearly the next day.  One whole bottle of wine is enough to do some serious damage…boy have times changed for me.


Saturday, I decided that I needed to smother my children in everything Christmasy.  We celebrate Christmas in my family, and we make a big deal about it.  We made special handprint ornaments, we baked a million treats for all of our neighbors, we watched a jillion Christmas movies, had a slumber party on the couch, went and saw Santa Clause, saw Christmas lights and everyone ended up in my bed last night. 

There is a need for me right now to pull everyone I love dearly close to me. 

I cannot really speak about Friday, yet.  I do not have an opinion.  I’ve taken a break from Facebook and Twitter except to post photos of my children.  I’m having a hard time reading anything about it on the news.  I don’t know what that means, but I’m choosing not to address what happened, right now.  I think it means that I still cannot wrap my head around it.  And I’ll leave it at that.

So my posts this week will be geared towards holidays, giving back, fighting cravings, and family.  I will not be writing about issues, or my fears for the future, or what has this world come to, or opinion pieces on what needs to be done.


I continue to offer my prayers daily, sometimes hourly for all the families affected by Friday’s events.  My heart TRULY goes out to everyone involved. 



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