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Wednesday Workout Round Up – On Rest

Posted Mar 27 2013 5:18pm

Resting is something that I am not good at.  I am always on the go and a workout in my day helps me to keep my energy up and allows me to take a moment for myself.  That said, I ran a marathon 10 days ago and I know I need rest.

It took me a few marathons to fully grasp the value of rest.  I know, I KNOW cellular recovery, muscle fiber breakdown, yadda yadda.  However in my head taking time off from running is a little bit like taking time off from breathing.  So I didn’t … for the first 5 marathons I ran.  Thats not to say that I would go for a 10 miler the next day.  I’d give it a few days … and then head out.  On achy joints, grindy knees and quads that would scream every time my feet hit the pavement.  I told myself that this was the lactic acid working its way out.  Yeah, I know … that is not even scientifically possible – I never claimed to be smart.  Eventually sometime down the road I would need a break from running, maybe a small injury, maybe just a mental running overload … but the lack of rest ALWAYS caught up to me.

When I ran Richmond I stopped this nutty cycle.  I didn’t run.  For 2 weeks.  I did other things, I kept moving … Spin, Figure 4, Yoga, walking but nothing that pounded my joints.  Sadly I then came down with pneumonia and had to take another long while off from running.  Womp Womp.  I’d love to blame resting but I don’t think that was the case.  You know what though, I survived the break.  I even came back a stronger runner.  A runner who runs the race of her dreams .

3 cheers for lessons learned.

Image 3

Post LA Marathon I am taking it easy.  I have gone for a few little runs, mostly run/walks.  95% of them with the jogging stroller which means that I am huffing 65+ lbs of kid and needing to sing endless cycles of Old MacDonald while running (Its fun, but a hard and fast workout it is not!)

Image 2

I’ve done lots of yoga, some barre classes and quite a bit of tourist “cross training”

Image 1

Surrey Bikes!

Mentally, I am struggling.  Whoa do I want to go for a run.  Whoa did the soft sand in CA look amazing with the sun shining down and the wind softly blowing.  Temptation has been all around but I am restraining myself (ok so I broke down once, I’m only human!)  and enjoying the wide world of cross training.


  • Monday – 3 miles slow jog in the soft sand COMPLETE – WENT A LITTLE OVER FOR 4 MILES
  • Wednesday – Soul Cycle w/ Jolie COMPLETE – AMAZING CLASS
  • Thursday – Soul Cycle w/ Jenny + Figure 4
  • Friday – Figure 4
  • Saturday – First real run, with Meggie
  • Sunday – REST

Do you take time off after a big race?  


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