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Unusual Training with Amazing Kicks

Posted Feb 22 2013 8:39am

The LA Marathon is 24 days.  TWENTY FOUR.  Oh my land.  So lets talk training …. 

It was a slow start.  Pneumonia will do that to you apparently.  And lets just say that toddlers preschool and the worst cold and flu season in history has been a bit of a challenge. December and most of January was a wash … but I buckled down and In all honesty I made some sacrifices in my life in order to fit in the time to train while taking care of my family (i.e – this blog) but it was the right decision for me.

I’m also really proud of myself and I have to say that I’m feeling cautiously confident for this marathon.  I’m 100% outside of my comfort zone here.  Typically I have a detailed 14-16 week training plan that I rarely falter from … but I’ve learned so much these past few months.  Namely that nothing goes as planned.  However that doesn’t make it wrong or bad, I am rolling with this life as best I see fit.  Marathon training is not always a priority but its ok, quality training is a trustworthy thing.  

And quality it has been.  Here are a few highlights. 

Screen Shot 2013 02 21 at 11 38 37 AM

Screen Shot 2013 02 21 at 11 37 42 AM

Screen Shot 2013 02 21 at 11 36 56 AM

Screen Shot 2013 02 21 at 11 38 07 AM

This week and next are peak weeks in my training cycle and I basically feel like if I’m not being a mom I am running with some sleeping in between.  Its crazy, but its temporary and a huge confidence boost for me.  Here is what my running week looks like this week:

  • Monday: (Cross Train – Spin) COMPLETE
  • Tuesday: (Two a days – 2 x 30 minute easy run) COMPLETE 7.5 MILES TOTAL
  • Wednesday: (Technique day – 10 Min warm up, 3×2 miles at Half Marathon Pace w/ 2 minute recover, 10 min cool down) COMPLETE 8 MILES TOTAL. AMAZING WORKOUT HMP WAS 7:30/MILE
  • Thursday: (Rest – Yoga) COMPLETE
  • Friday: Long run – 22-24 miles w/ 2 minute pick up every 15 minutes
  • Saturday: Recovery Run 40 Mins
  • Sunday: 60 Minutes with pick ups throughout

So LA MARATHON here I come, I have no expectations and my goals are not time related – but we will talk about those when it gets closer.  

An exciting announcement!  I am officially a Skechers Sponsored Athlete and Ambassador.  I have been running in the Go Run2 and the Go Run Ride for the duration of my training and I wholeheartedly love them.  


I will be working with the fine people at Skechers to show you all just how amazing they are.  And if you want a little taste of whats to come … THIS

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