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Two Minute Toner for Your Waist

Posted Feb 09 2011 7:59pm

If you only have two minutes and you want to firm your waist try this two minute toner I call “waist blaster”.

1. Begin seated on a mat with your knees bent and feet firmly on the floor, hands at prayer at your chest.
2.  Lean back until you fill your abdominals engaging
3. Twist to the right
4. Come back to center
5. Twist to the left
6. Repeat twisting right, pause, then left for 2 whole minutes.
7. Feel the burn!!!

Please note that in order to see maximum muscle definition you will need to eat a healthy, lean diet along with cardio exercise a minimum of 3-5 x week for 40- 60 min.-Sara Holliday MFT, CPT

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