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Top 7 Benefits of Pilates

Posted Dec 13 2008 11:34pm 1 Comment

Pilates with a ball Pilates allows you to transform the way your body looks and feels. It helps you to build muscle without excess bulk, like a weight lifter, while helping you to achieve the sleek, toned body of a dancer. When it comes to a post natal exercise and workout routine, it’s one of the best for your changing body.

1. Build strength without “bulking up”- gain long, lean muscles and flexibility

  • Pilates elongates and strengthens your muscles while conventional workouts tend to build short bulky muscles, something most women don’t want.

2. Develop a strong core - flatten your abs and strengthen your back at the same time

  • The exercises used in pilates will help you to strengthen your core muscles, or center of the body. A body with balanced strength and flexibility is less likely to be injured. If you’re using this as a post natal exercise, the core will be “core” to getting back in shape.

3. A mind-body workout

  • By using proper breathing methods, correct spinal and pelvic alignment, and concentrating on smooth, flowing movements, you will become aware to how your body feels. Proper breathing is important, and helps you execute movements to maximum power and efficiency.

4. Reduces stress

  • Learning how to breath correctly helps you to reduce stress. Crying babies, the added expense of diapers and formula will add a ton of stress, proper breathing helps alleviate a good portion of it.

5. Prevent sports injuries

  • Because pilates exercises tend to focus on the core of your body, you can be sure to get a balanced workout. By strengthening the muscles at the center of the body you will be less likely to be injured. No more back strain from bending over to pick up your new baby.

6. Stay challenged

  • Pilates is a very flexible exercise routine that can be modified to meet you at a beginning level and adapt to a more advanced routine that best suits you. As you shift from a post natal exercise and workout routine, to something more long term, you’ll want a plan that grows and changes with your bodies needs.

7. Fast results!

  • Once you start doing pilates regularly, at least two times a week for an hour, and build uniform strength throughout your body, you’ll be amazed at the difference in your body and athletic performance. Before your newborn jumps up to the next size of diapers, you’re body will be in much better shape.
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My ad agency does work for a Pilates Studio.  We love this photograph.  Can someone contact me as to the availability and pricing on it.  Thanks so much,

Larry 303-478-9555. 

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