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To All the Women With Children

Posted by Carrie H.

Even though I am calling this group "Postpartum," it's really about all women who have had children. It's about the amazing changes your bodies goes through...some temporary, and some permanent! Let's talk about changes and solutions, and let's talk about real life with our health and the health of our kids.

I am particularly interested in finding out how prevalent Diastasis Recti is, and how many women out there have healed from it. My next post will be about how to check for the injury and to start working toward healing it.

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There are so many mommies looking for support in losing weight or even in just dealing with all the strange changes pregnancy causes to one's body. No one tells you that every part of your body will be different after baby, physically and mentally. I'm interested in seeing what sorts of topics come out of this group! :)
I have lost all the weight, but I need to tone up.  The problem is the ball in the upper part of my stomach that makes me look like im about 4 months pregnant. My Dr. said they sewed my muscles back together during the c-section so Im not sure what the problem is. Its been almost 5 months and still cant wear a bikini.

After i had my first child i had problems with weights from 50 i had 100.. I`m from Andorra and my Dr recommended me to make a liposuction.. I didn`t want to surveine a chirurgical way... And i went to Barcelona to see Dr Armando Feregaisto a good nutriotionist. He recomand me the natural way [url=]Natural Products[/url] and now after a year i have 65. You should try it


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