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Tips for Surviving the Holidays

Posted Nov 20 2009 10:00pm

General:Apple Butternut Soup

  • Keep holiday planning in one folder to work on during spare moments.

  • Complete a major planning session (20-30 min) to define holiday tasks.

  • Use your main calendar or planner as you schedule your tasks.

  • Steadily complete tasks in manageable steps.

  • Review Daily Routine for E.P.I.C. (Eliminate, Postpone, Isolate, Consolidate) Results.

  • Prioritize Fitness, Food and Self.

  • After the holiday, review your plan. Note what worked, time estimates, and ideas for next year.

  • Put the folder away until next October.

Time Management:

  • Brainstorming is not a waste of time. It allows you to “brain dump” all the unconnected thoughts roaming your head. Those roaming thoughts and inability to process where they fit in an already busy schedule is the basis for a majority of holiday stress.

  • When scheduling tasks, place a time beside the task. It’s important to give yourself a time estimate because you’re more likely to dedicate your efforts to the task’s completion as outlined.

  • Every morning and evening between now and the end of the Holiday season, take 5 minutes to review your tasks, adjust your calendar, and find a spot to complete one or two holiday tasks. When the evening arrives, check off your list, highlight your accomplishments and prepare for the next morning. Breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy your well earned sleep.

Food & Events:

  • Enjoy bite size portions.

  • On a day a large meal is planned, eat smaller and lighter portions for other meals. Maintain a balance in the meals and don’t skip eating to make up for the big one.

  • Have healthy, high energy foods on hand for snacks (ex. hard boiled eggs, fruit, cheese, vegetables, cut meats).

  • Schedule one day a week as a splurge day. Focus on healthy choices the rest of the week.

  • For weeks that have multiple events, pick and choose your weaknesses selectively. For instance, Mary Jane has a fantastic sweet potato pie at the annual office party. Indulge with a slightly larger portion than the other bite size portions.

  • Test new, healthier recipes two to three weeks prior to it’s debut.


  • Keep to your routine as regular as possible. Make this a priority and work other tasks around it.

  • Missed a workout? Complete a shorter session at home.

  • Take advantage of 5, 10, 15 minute windows to complete short workouts. You’ll be surprised with what you’re able to accomplish.   Intense, short sessions reap amazing results. Your body is your priority.

  • Revisit your fitness goals daily!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

What tip would you add to surviving the holidays?

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