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there is no gym in my place so what can i do will u plc tell some thing to loose weight

Posted by nimu

how can i reduce my weight alovera
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I personally don't think that going to a GYM will help to learn HOW to loose weight and never ever get it back.  I lost 70 pounds- at home.  

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Losing weight has been a personal struggle for me my whole life, and I will tell you honestly the time that I spent 5 days a week in the gym - 2 hours a day - elliptical and weight training only got me a 10 lb loss in 4 months and no inches lost. When I did Slim in 6 - I lost 11 inches off of my hips alone. check it out at you can see my before and after pics. 

It's not necessary to have a gym to lose weight but you do need these 3 things:

1. Time set aside to exercise, (how many days per week) and (how long each day/time)

2. A plan of what you are going to do each time you workout: strength trainng with weights or bands or your own body weight, follow a video or follow a workout from a magazine

3. A plan of how, when and what you will eat

Once you get started on these 3 essential elements, you begin to lose.

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Let me know how you are doing.

Carol makes extremely great points. True and lasting weight loss does not come overnight or with a quick fix. It takes work. If you do not have a gym, I would suggest finding other ways to do cardio as well as weight training. Here are a few of my suggestions:

Cardio:  Walk oustide, Run (if you can - look at Couch to 5K plan to work up to running), At Home Cardio workouts (check out my blog for ideas)

Weights:  Purchase a set of dumbbells - I recommend a set of 3, 5, and 8 pounds to start. Then look for weight lifting workouts on line. Pinterest is a great source as well as blogs.

I'd be happy to share some of my at home workouts with you!


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