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The Power of Fit Moms

Posted Aug 13 2009 7:17pm
Yesterday I was witness and participant in an extraordinary event. One of my favorite fitness instructors, Shelly Dose, held a fundraising boot camp class at a local park for a family in town whose son is dying of a rare pediatric brain tumor. Your stomach probably just turned, like mine did hearing this for the first time. It's the combination of anguish for this child and his parents and the horror that such things are possible. You can read about Tyler Magnuson on his Caring Bridge Website (warning: not easy to read).

I did what I'm sure everyone else did when Shelly sent the email letting us know of her plan: I forwarded the information to all my neighbors (the park is in walking distance to us). Guess what happened? Apparently the people we told, forwarded the information to more people. Result was nearly 100 people in the park that morning. Some of those neighbors are the same moms who tell me: "I can't work out in the morning" or "I hate running" (we did a lot of running) or "I'm just too wiped out to work out." When all forms of motivation seemed to fail, a little boy with terminal cancer got them up and out and moving.

More imortant, the participants brought in $1800 for the family. I know I speak for everyone there yesterday morning when we wish we could do more. I'm sure the financial donation is helpful, but what we wouldn't do to rid Tyler of the cancer, lessen the pain of this awful experience, provide enough love and comfort for the family to diminish the sadness. We can't touch that with a 10 lb. barbell. So, suffering through Shelly's boot camp class is the most we can do.

Shelly's having another boot camp class tomorrow morning. I'll bet even more people show up (if you're in the area, email me and I'll send the details). Perhaps some of those people who thought they didn't have it in them to workout will be back. Back for Tyler. Back for themselves.

I'd say it was a win-win situation. But it's not for Tyler.
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