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The Good and Bad of a Clean Eating Diet

Posted Jun 24 2013 12:57pm

Hi everyone!

Well I wasn’t able to post last week.  Sometimes real life jobs get in the way of blogging.  Boo.

But… I weighed in this morning at 159 pounds.  A one pound gain isn’t that big of a deal.

And according to my diet last week, I’m pretty happy with that one pound gain because my diet last week was not what one could consider “healthy” or “clean eating” or even “non-processed”.  My food choices last week were full of fats, sugars, refined flours, and other tasty treats.

In other words…I ate pretty much everything that tastes  like heaven but won’t help in my weight loss journey.  And which doesn’t follow clean eating guidelines.


What happened was…I had a bunch of company sponsored meals at some pretty incredible restaurants.

And then I ate like I used to.  Which was, honestly just a normal diet of restaurant foods…no big deal…I used to eat like that all the time!

One meal we ate at Torchy’s Tacos .  SO FLIPPING GOOD.  The queso is to die for, and I can’t even talk about the fried chocolate chip cookie.  I must never speak of such rich amazing chocolaty awesome fried magical indulgence.  Stop thinking about it.  It’s as brilliant as it sounds.

No really, you don’t want to know.  (ok-you really do.  It was divine.)

One meal was spent at Kenny’s Wood Fire Grill .  The mac and cheese is ridiculously good.  I ate a salad with it to try counter balance the  bountiful bowl of cheesy delight infused with smoked gouda, white truffle oil, and ham.  It’s like it’s own meal.   For dessert I had a couple of bites (ok seven) of a super rich and warm brownie smothered in chocolate sauce and dripping in vanilla ice cream.

And then other meals were spent eating TexMex and Chinese.  I could eat sour cream enchiladas all day long if it were possible.

Ok.  So here’s the deal.

This being a healthy living blog- I feel obliged to apologize for making you drool over my descriptions of the scrumptious menu I experienced last week.  And right before lunch, too.  I’m sorry, folks.

And it was good.

But the problem is that because I normally eat a fairly clean unprocessed diet.  All that INCREDIBLE food…made me sick.

Which sucks, actually.  Well, to be fair- it has both good and bad points.

The good:   I’m back on my clean diet with no complaints or cravings or any impending desire to drown in a vat of mac and cheese.  So that’s a win.  yay. 

Also the desire to work out is increased to help facilitate the undeniable DROWSINESS and LAZINESS I experienced from that fantastic food coma I put myself in.  And food coma is a very appropriate term.


I felt like this most of last week:

food coma

I mean I felt like walking across the house was too big of a work out for me and the indigestion cannot be spoken of.  So I won’t go into detail.

So I decided to jump start myself back to work out mode by going on a fantastic 4.1 mile hill run.  That’ll get rid of the blahs.  

And thankfully I did’t die, I felt like it…but I survived and now I get to share my attention whore instagram photo with you all.

278 foot hill run

That’s 278 feet, my friends. I conquered that b*tch. Then I promptly fell to my knees heaving and almost puking.  

The bad:  Will I EVER be able to eat amazing food again without getting sick or put into a lazy drowsy state of food coma?  This makes me a bit sad.  What if I’m on vacation and I want to indulge?  I’m sensing that going on a week long food bender isn’t going to result in a positive ending for me.  Booeffinghoo.

So I’m  having this internal battle with myself, because

So I keep going back and forth with eating.  Obviously food plays a major role in my life.  Because I can’t stop whining about it.

I don’t want to be that person who never eats a cookie again.  But I can’t go back to the way things were for me, so I feel like I have to find my balance.

What do you think?




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