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The Gall of Being Sick

Posted Jul 26 2010 12:00am
I'm all for finding fitness in the chaos of motherhood.

Finding fitness in the chaos of illness? Not so much.

I'm going on day six without a workout. I feel justified skipping out on my fitness regimen when I'm hugging porcelain.

Like a lot of people I follow the "neck rule" for skipping a workout when sick: If you have symptoms above the neck you're generally fine to workout (although you might want to scale back if you're not feeling well), but when you have symptoms below the neck you shouldn't work out. Also, having a fever gives you a pass, too.

Of course, a better rule is "know thy body." You and you alone know when your body would be better off using its energy to heal itself versus expending it on a workout. Trusting your own judgment is a skill to master.

I have now missed two scheduled runs, a swim and a bike ride. Workouts that are hard to pass up when the only triathlon you plan to do for the year is coming up in less than two weeks. Sigh.

When I ended up in urgent care Sunday morning with an IV, I knew all those missed workouts were indeed justified. I also learned that what I thought was a 24-hour stomach virus had not extended to 96 hours, but, in-fact, was my gall bladder rearing its ugly head. Now, when it comes to my gall bladder versus a Sonic jalapeno cheeseburger, my gall bladder will always lose.

I hope to get back in the game soon, but not today. Chicken noodle soup and Jello, while keeping my gall bladder contained, don't do much to fuel a triathlete's (or a busy mom's) energy needs. I'm definitely getting better at trusting my instincts and knowing my body, and my body will let me know when it's ready to move at a faster pace. I just hope that happens before August 7. I can live without jalapeno cheeseburgers, but I don't want to miss my only triathlon of the year.

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