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The emperor 32 points difficult resistance heat negative jazz Jefferson 23 + 11 wade only 11 points

Posted Jan 16 2013 3:45am
Miami heat away 97-104 loss to the Utah jazz, small Miami hit 32 - and counter-attack panic, still unable to fill to three dig down 19 points big hole, lebron career total score 20000 points mark approach but at the last moment a mistake repeatedly, wade, bosh state downturn, in jazz is inside comprehensive dominant, the bench and a highly efficient and stable performance, the key moments and grab an eye play Gordon - Heywood (micro Po). Lebron James got 32 points and four rebounds and AdiZero Crazy Light 2 assists and steals, career total score only difference and points stridden 20000 points mark and bosh scored 16 points only took 1 rebounds, dwyane wade got 11 points 5 rebounds and assists, but is the heat team took rebound most players, check moss had 12 points and seven assists, bench lewis and ray Allen respectively had 13 points and 10 points. Jefferson to 23 points, 11 rebounds per game while shooting up to eight of 14 shots, millsap has 17 points 9 rebounds for the rockets, two people hand in hand blasting off Miami inside is the jazz win at the key reason, Shanghai ward bench 13 in the attack and 22 points, four assists, carol made five of seven to 12 points and four rebounds, role players contrast is 3-1 win jazz occupied overall advantage. Lebron storm layup 2 + 1, high jumper also hit it's game and 11 minutes, Miami trailed 70-86 jazz 16 points, "hicks scored four points in Miami after two substitute overdrive to scored 6 points, Miami people last rally in the open water. An millsap Boston, lebron storm layups, millsap to pitch no, ray Blake Griffin Shoes 2012 Allen after body a 3-pointer, and now the score is 81-88, Miami only seven points behind. The defensive end strength ascension, this is Miami narrow points difference, the only way to small five minutes before they make the jazz for only 1, 7 millsap finally made a foul score, lewis immediately jump shot inroads, defense, the role players vigorously support, check moss, ray Allen continuous score, in the final 4 minutes, Miami has only 6 points behind. Check moss make persistent efforts continue to get points, even Joel - Anthony began to score, at this time is a game and three points 31 seconds over, Miami only two points behind! But the key moment, lebron a turnovers a three points for the jazz hit seize the opportunity, Jefferson, Heywood continuous free throws open points difference, 1 minutes and 24 seconds lebron storm inroads, Heywood firmly with hit help the jazz in the final 1 minute lead seven points. Such a great points difference make the game completely lost the suspense, Miami also only in for 10 minutes Kobe VII after failing to counter-attack, 97-104 lose the game, the past four away swallowed 3 defeat. The long time, Miami was behind the jazz twenty points, that is the third quarter 4 points 41 seconds lebron rebound foul, free throw line millsap will outscored the spurs 75-55, the lens is game two team miniature, jazz rely on inside advantage constantly took rebounds, Miami hate will not lebron one break into 5 people, at this time the two teams rebound contrast jazz beyond Miami 15, such a game, or play away, Miami start because of blasting inside behind 5 points, this time also can only accept the digging pit the sad fate. Time section, Miami once in ten points behind the situation to launch a counter attack, lebron such as by a stroke of continuous attack inroads, distance 20000 points, a difference of milestone fifty points he half cut down for twenty minutes, but in the bench Miami only lewis one score, shane battier (micro bo) truce, ray Allen feel downturn, including rotation is jazz hold comprehensive advantages, Heywood scored 12 points, phevos 7 points, carol 12 points, single section is the opponent's run 29-19, Miami half 15 points behind. Dig a pit, fill some soil, this is Miami consistent tempo, usually are three giant pick case, today into a defensive intensity and role players, small crazy rally is really fierce, but the Cheap Lebron Soldier 6 former three dig down the pit is too great, and leaving the Miami in the past four away games, lost three games since the start of the season, Miami road record of eight wins and negative, future eight games and six away to play, prospects are grim.Today's game seems to be such a model, the first half wade 7 shots 4 get eight points in the second half, but most of the time his shots are very few.
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