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The craziest weekend ever.

Posted Oct 01 2012 2:32pm

There is a huge part of me that does not believe the weekend occurred.  I in no way live a quiet and serene life, however these days it seems that life has ramped up to a whole new level of crazy.

Last week the twins started school.

Its amazing to have them in an educational, safe, comforting environment for a few hours every day.  However the week was filed with transition as they warmed up to the idea of me leaving them with their teachers.  In fact, we are still transitioning as this morning they were not quite warm to the concept.  We will get there.

But lets talk about Friday-Sunday.


12pm. I pick up the kids from school and take them back to my mom’s apartment in the city (our apartment is still under construction) the kids have a temporary set up there where they nap in travel cribs.

1pm.  Water is running as I wash a thick layer of paint off G2′s pants … G1 reached up out of her crib and into my purse, which was lying beside the crib.  Takes out my makeup bag, unzips and dumps it into her crib.  She then opens my thyroid medication and dumps the bottle out.

1:02pm.  I turn off the water and hear the shake of the pill bottle.  I jet over to the crib to find her, hand in mouth looking guilty.  I frantically count the pills that I can find and do some quick math trying to figure out if she took any.  I count 3 missing.

1:05pm.  I toss the kids in the stroller and run to Mt Sinai emergency, calling the pediatrician and my husband on the way.

1:30pm. G1 is admitted to the pediatric ICU, forced to drink a ton of charcoal and monitored for heart palpitations for the next 12 hours.

1:30pm-the rest of the night.  Entertain a toddler who is hooked up to tons of machines.  Sing, play games, color, watch movies.  Wipe tears while she gets her IV.  Laugh while she plays with the nurses.  Cry intermittently as I feel like a negligent parent.  Thank God several times for her health and the loving support of my husband.

(G1 is fine, it was precautionary but nonetheless scary and traumatizing for all.)


6am I start trying to make myself look presentable.  Shower, do my hair and lather on what makeup I can find.  I have my Lululemon Ambassador photo shoot at 9:30am.

8am. Give G1 breakfast and hold her with all my might as she screams through yet another EKG.

9am Leave G1 and VC at the hospital and dash to Lululemon Madison Ave.

9:30am-12:30pm Run, leap, jump, dance, do the running man with a goofy smile on my face …

this is how everyone runs right?

1pm. Photo shoot is done. G1 just got out of the hospital.  I meet her and VC and we drive to my inlaw’s house where G2 is staying.  The rest of the family naps while I gather my things for the next day.  I have 20 miles to run in the morning.

5:30pm. We attend a family birthday party, attempt to eat dinner and sing a coherent Happy Birthday song.

8:30pm Thankfully we are all in bed reasonably early.  At this point my limbs are tingling I’m so spent.


5am.  I wake up, gather my things and drive into the city from New Jersey.  Park, drop my stuff at my mom’s and walk to Jackrabbit UES for the NY Fliers 20 mile bridge run.

the scene, runners, water … anticipation

6:45am-9:45am.  Run the best 20 miles ever.  Hands down the most painless long run I have ever had in my years as a marathon runner.

Link to Daily Mile … follow me there!

Jess , Lora and I laughed and talked our way through the run.  We had all had long weekends, were feeling tired and injury prone … but thanks to the power of conversation we ROCKED 20 miles.

10am.  Ice bath at my mom’s apartment while eating everything I can get my hands on.

11am. Dash to soccer practice for G2.  Kick, be kicked and laugh as 2 years “play soccer”

The rest of the day was pretty normal … I collapsed into bed around 9pm and slept deeper than I have in years.  Today we are back at it, ready to tackle the new week.  Fingers crossed for just a TAD more sanity this week :)

How did all of your long runs go this weekend?  Any other moms out there have a scare like mine?  


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