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The Case of the Missing Kindergarten Graduation

Posted Jun 11 2013 8:02am

So do school years usually fly by this fast? It didn’t seem that way when I was a student, but now that Buddy is a bonafide grade schooler, September to June went by in a flash.

I can’t believe he is almost done with kindergarten. How did that happen?

He’s now a reader (no more spelling incriminating words around him anymore). And he can do some math. He’s interested in history and science and art and music. He comes home and tells me about Abraham Lincoln and the growth process of plants and he draws out musical scales on scratch paper. He goes on field trips and makes up games with his new friends at recess. He writes stories about fighting with lightsabers (naturally; he is a Jedi Padawan , after all).

All I know is that he is definitely not the same little boy I first put on that school bus ten months ago.

First day of kindergarten

First day of kindergarten

And that’s why I am disappointed that there isn’t a kindergarten “graduation” or some other ceremony or event to mark the occasion. Because, as Buddy told me the other day, he is now going to be “a grader and that’s a big deal.”

It sure is.

I still remember my kindergarten graduation. We sang songs and wore caps made from construction paper and slid down a wooden slide that was assembled in our elementary school cafeteria and drank that horrible orange punch. It was a symbolic event for both us kids and our families. The fact that I still remember that day, more than 30 years later, is a testament to that.

Getting my fancy diploma

Getting my fancy diploma

Going down the very blurry slide

I’ve had a bunch of friends post cute photos on Facebook of their little ones in mini caps and gowns for their kindergarten graduations, so I know there are some schools that do it. But it seems to be more the exception, not the norm. Actually, I was kind of surprised at how few  school programs there were this year — you know, like holiday concerts or plays or other school assemblies that parents and grandparents could attend. Buddy’s class is having a picnic next week that parents are invited to, so perhaps that will serve as a graduation stand-in. And I’m guessing the concerts and plays will pick up as he gets older.

But I’m curious: do schools today just not do this sort of thing anymore? Is it a funding issue? A public school thing? Or are times just “different” now?

Parents, tell me: Did your child’s school have a kindergarten graduation or ceremony? If not, did you do anything to commemorate the last day?

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